How can chiropractors benefit your health?

Back and neck pain are the chief complaints for which patients seek chiropractic help. Through manual spinal manipulation, chiropractic care is a holistic therapy that focuses on maintaining healthy musculoskeletal and nervous systems to ensure overall wellness.


The research about chiropractic care is growing. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, recent studies show that spinal manipulative therapy performed by a chiropractor, along with exercise, relieve neck pain more effectively than medication.

Furthermore, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported that an integrated approach to health care — including chiropractic care — results in a 51.8 percent reduction in pharmaceutical costs and 43 percent fewer hospital admissions.

You should consider seeing a chiropractor if you experience frequent pain in your back, neck or joints, as well as headaches. This is especially so if intense soreness follows accidents, household chores or prolonged periods of poor posture.

Back and neck pain

Chiropractors are best known for safely and effectively treating acute back and neck pain, as well as headaches. Whereas a medical doctor might prescribe pain medicine, muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory drugs, and an orthopedic doctor might suggest surgery, a chiropractor will treat your back problems by hand, through manipulation of the spine.

Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper, a pediatric and prenatal chiropractor, sees more and more referrals from medical doctors: “They (patients) are tired of the drugs and want answers to what is causing their problems.”

Chiropractors bring the musculoskeletal structure into proper alignment. Chiropractors change the position of your body and apply Chiropractor pressure to particular points along the spine that are vertebral subluxation not properly aligned. This results in a popping noise similar to the one created when you crack your knuckles. noise is Back Pain created by a change in pressure in your joints as gas bubbles are released.

By adjusting the spine with their hands at particular pressure points, chiropractors unblock nerve energy and allow it to flow better down your spin and throughout your entire body. Repeated visits can, over time, realign your spine to optimize overall health.

Chiropractor Brian Elwartowski said the brain sends messages down the spinal cord and out through the nerves to the rest of your body. If certain nerves are squeezed by a twist in the spine, they won’t function as well as if they were straight. “Chiropractic [care] allows the nerves to work at their most optimum ability,” he said, “allowing the body to heal at its optimum ability.”


How To Get Rid Of Ovarian Cysts Naturally And Fast

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts, you may well be in great pain for part of the month. Conventional medication, which usually includes the birth control pill and over the counter painkillers may help relieve some of the pain, but will not help to eliminate the cysts as neither will treat the root cause.

If you would like to know how to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally, there are a number of steps you can take. We all know that in general, natural remedies tend to be better for the body as there can be concern about the long-term use of certain drugs, the birth control pill being one of them.

One very simple starting point is to look at what you eat. Eating or drinking foods which have natural diuretic qualities can help to naturally reduce the amount of fluid which is in the body and this has a direct effect on the amount which will be contained in your cysts. Parsley is a great natural diuretic and can be included in soups, salads and sandwiches.

Estrogen and carbohydrates are implicated in ovarian cyst growth and if you are looking at how to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally then reducing consumption of both of these will help. High carbohydrate consumption can lead to weight gain, which in turn leads to estrogen build-up in the fat cells. This then promotes the formation of ovarian cysts which do not dissolve as they should. You may also wish to cut down on your consumption of non-organic meats as some of the feeds can contain estrogen mimicking compounds.

Drinking plenty of fluid is also thought to be very helpful. You should drink a minimum of 2 liters of filtered water daily to ensure that the vital organs remain hydrated. It is well known that if allowed to dehydrate, the body’s organs become diseased.

Eating a low-fat diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will help to get rid of ovarian cysts, but you should also ensure that other areas of your life remain under control, such as your stress-levels. Also, including 30 minutes of brisk exercise can help to get the blood circulating around your vital organs which can prevent congestion.

There is a guaranteed system which will teach you how to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally. “

The unique feature of this excellent system is the personal support given by the devoted creator of the system, herself a former sufferer, who is totally committed to helping as many women as possible be free from this condition.

By: Charlotte Oliver

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