What is a Powered Parachute (PPC)?

Human beings have always wanted to free themselves from the shackles of gravity and fly like birds. This is what has led mankind to construct a dizzying array of flying machines – from helicopters, to airplanes, to rockets. But for people who want to really experience what it feels like to be a bird, these flying machines fall far short. Helicopters and airplanes simply do not provide the sheer thrill of soaring over hills and treetops, like a bird on the wing. It was to fulfill this desire that gave rise to the creation of powered parachutes.


Basically, this parachute is a combination of a motorized, gliding, flying wing and a parachute. When it was first invented in the early part of the 1980s, it was a crude contraption; however, today it is considered the ultimate in personal flying machines. Much of its popularity is due to it being one of the cheapest-powered flying machines available. Apart from being affordable, its size is such that when it is not in use, it can easily be stored in the garage.